The Rain

Water Droplets on Gray Textile


The gentle pearl-grey wind entangled my hair a little more

The sparkling moonlit raindrops drenched me and my soul to the core

That ecstatic moment on a sandy shore

I love, I cherish and really adore.


I loved the aroma and loved the touch

The sand melted under my feet as such

But I felt peaceful inside and outside

That beautiful night I really adore

When I walked with him in rain on that sandy shore.


Author: serenediva (Sonia)

A Thoughtful Observer

6 thoughts on “The Rain”

  1. Lovely poem. The rithem itself sounds like rain drops touching different surfaces on earth. The last line wonderfully opens the poem. like a magic it gives it gives a special perspective to the expression


  2. Visual effects…. beautiful
    Pretty cool…
    State of mind matters the most…
    Seems that protagonist is at peace with herself while standing on the seashore.


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